Welcome to Templeogue Village Medical

Dr Sarah Hennessy is delighted to have opened her practice in the heart of Templeogue Village adjacent to Shannon's Life Pharmacy. Dr Hennessy has worked in the Dublin 6W area since 2010 and is happy to welcome all new patients. This includes public (medical card holders or patients eligible for doctor visit cards, under six or over 70) and private patients. The clinic is now open- feel free to request further information and details through our Contact Page or by using the email info@templeoguevillagemedical.ie.

FLU VACCINE NOW AVAILABLE IN OUR CLINIC - please phone to book apt 

The Flu Vaccine is highly recommended to all healthcare workers & carers; in all pregnancies; to all people aged 65 yrs or older; those with any chronic medical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, kidney, liver, lung or neurological disease, to patients with a raised BMI over 40, all cancer patients, to people on immunosuppressive treatment or with an impaired immune system.

The Pneumonia Vaccine is also available - same indications as above; a once off dose is advised, only to be repeated every 5 yrs in the setting of immunosuppressants or an impaired immune system.  See www.immunisation.ie for more details.

Please see our contact page for further details.