Services available:

Family GP care – We are delighted to be providing full General Practice medical care to all; from neonate to great grandparents.  We welcome all public and private patients including those with under 6 cards/over 70s/GP only cards/GMS cards.  For details on registering for GP visit/full medical cards please go to

Phlebotomy – Phlebotomy services are available on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings.  A fee exists to cover both courier and administrative costs for this service.

Chronic disease management – We are able to assist in the management of chronic illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension, asthma, COPD, arthritis etc.  General practice is paramount to patients with chronic illness who often are only reviewed annually in the various hospital clinics.  We can be that vital link between the patient and their hospital services.  This is particularly important for anyone that may have multiple medical issues, ex. heart disease and emphysema.

Cervical smears – The clinic is affiliated with cervicalcheck the national cervical screening programme.  By logging onto and inputting your PPS number and DOB your cervical smear eligibility can be checked.  A free smear is offered every 3 years to women aged 25-45 and every 5 years to women aged 45-60 years old.  Women outside of the aforementioned age range are welcome to have a cervical smear if deemed appropriate.  This is done through the use of a private lab (biomnis) which is not covered by the HSE.

Driving license assessment – Full Driving licence medical examinations and eyesight reports are available from Templeogue Village Medical.  Forms are available in the clinic.  Kindly note that DVLA guidelines state that all people over 70 will require a medical every 1-3 years to ensure their fitness to drive.  

Insurance medicalsAvailable upon request.

Travel vaccines (upon request) – A full array of travel vaccines are available but must be requested/ordered in advance.  It is necessary to get many of these vaccines at least a month prior to travelling and for some (hep b) even more time is required prior to travel.  It is advisable to bring details of previous travel vaccines with you at time of initial consultation. 

Contraception – Full consulting and prescribing of all short acting forms of contraception is available at Templeogue Village Medical.  Full counselling and advise on the long acting forms of contraception (LARCs) such as Mirena coil/implanon is also provided.   

Childhood immunisation - In addition to the standard childhood vaccines we offer a number of opportunistic immunisations at Templeogue Village Medical, details available upon request - chicken pox, whooping cough, meningitis b, pneumonia, flu vaccines. is a helpful resource for advise on these vaccines and if further information is sought on individual vaccines we would also recommend visiting

STI checks – Available for men and women at the clinic.  If possible book an apt on mon/wed/thurs mornings where phlebotomy services are available and may be indicated.  FVU – first void urine sample is part of a full STI check, this may be brought to clinic at time of blood test or dropped in at a later date (sample jars available upon request).

Antenatal care - Dr Hennessy has a contract with the HSE to provide antenatal and postnatal care under the mother and child scheme.  This entitles a patient to have 6 antenatal visits (no charge when signed up to the combined care scheme) and 2 post natal visits (2 weeks for baby, and 6 weeks for mum and baby).  A woman may be entitled to extra visits at no additional cost under certain clinical criteria; for example should she develop high blood pressure in her pregnancy. 

Full medical checkup – A patient may be keen to arrange their own “NCT!” i.e a thorough full systems medical history and examination to include bloods, bp, urinalysis, peak flow – and referral (where medically indicated) for ECG/CXR/DEXA scan.  30 mins will be allocated for this at a charge of €90. 

Pre-employment medicals – Prices may vary depending on length of report required, kindly discuss at reception prior to apt.

24 Hour ABPM - 24 hour blood pressure monitor available.


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