Flu Vaccines 2020

Flu vaccines now in clinic - Adult vaccines in very short supply

Child flu vaccines for ages 2yrs to 12yrs are available and in good supply, appointments available on request.  

please read below and phone for appointment availability 

 We will soon have our flu vaccine (muscular injection) for 12+, due to arrive at the end of Sept.  This injection can be given to any high risk children aged 6 months to 2 yrs  or for anyone aged 2-12 yrs for whom the live nasal vaccine is contra-indicated. The HSE are covering the cost of this flu vaccine to all adults over the age of 65. 

 If a patient between 12 and 65 yrs old is considered to be in a high risk group; (Diabetes, chronic lung disease, heart disease, bowel disease, neurological disease, impaired immune system) they will also be eligible to have the flu vaccine cost covered by HSE. For children aged 2-12yrs a live flu vaccine in the form of a nasal spray will be available from mid October. 

 We will have a huge number of patients to vaccinate this winter and we plan to do this in the safest way possible for everyone.  We plan on arranging dedicated sessions for flu vaccine clinics which will be scheduled by appointment.  We will ask that patients arrive at their appointment time to minimise foot fall in the clinic.  If arriving early, patients will need to wait in their car/outside.  We would advise that patients remain in close vicinity of the clinic, for 15 mins post injection, such as in their car, in the most unlikely event that they should have any adverse symptoms that need addressing. 

  We would ask that patients and parents read our consent form for the flu vaccines (both adult and paediatric versions) in advance of their appointment so that any queries can be discussed in advance.  It is vital that you attend your vaccine apt only if you (and any family members) are free from all of the following symptoms;

  • high temperature
  • cough
  • altered sense of smell or taste
  • close contact of any potential covid case
  • increase of any chronic respiratory symptoms (ex. Patient with emphysema who has mild daily cough, but cough ^ in severity)

 If anyone within the household has any of these symptoms PLEASE DO NOT COME TO THE CLINIC to ask if the vaccination can be given.  Please phone the clinic before hand to discuss the symptoms.  We would prefer a no-show to the clinic in this case than someone arriving with symptoms that may jeopardise staff and other patients.

 At the flu clinic - you will be checked in at reception and swiftly called in by our practice nurse.  Your temperature will be checked and you will be asked a quick checklist of questions to ensure it is appropriate to proceed with vaccination.  You will be given a consent form to sign during your visit. We will ideally book families in together and you will be shown what room to go to on your arrival.  Those who will be getting the injection form of flu vaccine will ideally wear clothing that makes their upper outer arm accessible with ease. 

 After receiving a flu vaccine, the injection site may be slightly tender with small area of redness.  Either vaccine may cause a low grade temperature for which paracetamol/calpol can be given.  These are normal reactions and should settle quickly, of course you may call the clinic with any concerns should these issues arise. 

 As we need to sanitise the room between patients we would ask that you understand the time pressure involved with these clinics and try to leave any medical enquiries unrelated to the flu vaccine to another visit/phonecall.  We hope you can understand the reasons for this.  

Thank you, Dr Hennessy and the whole team at TVM

Please see the links for information from hse regarding child vaccine and the adult vaccine available.

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